We are currently working on the Official "No Dig Bill" Video Game.

Who/what is No Dig Bill? A game based on this video by our friend, The CrafsMan .

Latest details may be found here



Other Projects:

The TeleCrafsMan -

CrafsMan is a wonderful Maker. His Youtube channel is enjoyed by countless people not only interested in his content matter, but also his soothing demeanor and all around genuine “awsome-nicity”. He’s been often been described as “the Bob Ross of Crafting”.

Many would like to meet him – and he would love to come to a CON or Makerfaire, but that is a bit problematic, for a number of reasons.

We are a father/son team of Makers and our latest project is building a telepresence robot which will allow him to attend and participate in Makerfaires and craft events and such. He will be able to see everyone and when he talks, the Telepresence Crafsman will open his mouth and move its body. He will be able to participate on a panel or have his own booth at an event. Fans will be able to interact with him in real time.

It’s a true labor of love and admiration, and we can’t wait to bring the TeleCrafsMan to life!